eCombustible’s Game-Changing Hydrogen Fuel Technology Impact to be Featured at the 2022 Annual Conference of Metallurgists

MIAMI, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the effort to decarbonize the world economy, the Anglo American Barro Alto industrial complex in Brazil will implement eCombustible Energy’s 100% carbon-free fuel and cost-competitive hydrogen energy technology this year with details of the project to be presented at the 2022 Annual Conference of Metallurgists in Montréal, QC August 21-24, 2022.

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Daniel Brosig, Paykan Safe, and Matthew Russell of GCT Engineering Inc. will present a paper at the Conference overviewing the implementation of eCombustible’s technology to deliver hydrogen-based fuel for thermal applications. eCombustible uses patented technology to generate a customizable hydrogen-based fuel from a process consisting of a water electrolyzer followed by a magnetic reactor. This technology alleviates the need to rely on fossil fuels (specifically Liquified Petroleum Gas at Barro Alto) and dramatically reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in thermal applications.

According to Jorge Arevalo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of eCombustible, “We are committed to creating a paradigm shift to a more sustainable world and the Barro Alto project is a significant step forward toward that goal. This will be our third project, all under long-term contract, to come online and we are encouraged by Anglo American’s interest in additional locations. We applaud them for their extraordinary vision to revolutionize their operations for the well-being of the planet.”

Highlights from the paper – titled Implementation of Novel eCombustible Technology at the Anglo American Barro Alto Smelter – include:

  • The reduction in CO2 emissions with the use of eCombustible is estimated at approximately 2,869 tons per month based on historical records. A year of these emissions reductions is the approximate equivalent to the CO2 produced by burning more than 34 million pounds of coal.
  • Unlike conventional hydrogen combusted with conventional oxygen, the unique eCombustible fuel provides flame characteristics and heat production similar to fossil fuels which allows it to replace these fuels with minimal modifications to existing equipment.
  • eCombustible fuel within the Barro Alto industrial complex primarily generates water vapor as a byproduct of its use.
  • The installation of eCombustible equipment has no negative environmental impact in that it requires no vegetation suppression, has no impact on fauna and flora and no impact on waterways, while still allowing room for future expansion.
  • This project is a milestone in the fulfillment of Anglo American’s goal to make its ferronickel operations the first in the world to be operated 100% with renewable resources and 100% with internally reused water.

About eCombustible

eCombustible Energy offers a long-term fuel supply solution that is designed to provide the world’s most fossil-fuel dependent industries with a fuel that is carbon-free, cost-competitive, and requires little to no modification to existing customer equipment. The efficacy of its hydrogen-based fuel, eCombustible, has been validated through testing and independent assessments by third-party engineering firms. For more information visit

About the Anglo American Barro Alto industrial complex

Barro Alto is a nickel-producing mine and processing plant, built at a capital cost of $1.9 billion and commissioned in 2011. It is located in the State of Goiás in Brazil, about 170km north-west of Brasilia. At Barro Alto, ore is heated to extremely high temperatures in two 185 metre rotary kilns, a process called calcining, which removes moisture and water crystals from the nickel bearing ore to start the metallurgical process. The Barro Alto nickel ore deposit was discovered in the late 1960s and Anglo American completed its purchase of the deposit for $35 million in 2002. Mining of nickel ore in Barro Alto began in 2004, initially transporting the nickel to the Codemin plant for processing before the Barro Alto plant was built.

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