Implementation of Novel eCombustible Technology at the Anglo American Barro Alto Smelter – Download White Paper

This paper overviews the implementation of eCombustible’s game-changing technology to deliver hydrogen-based fuel for thermal applications at the Anglo-American Barro Alto industrial complex in Brazil. eCombustible Energy provides the world’s most fossil-fuel-dependent industries with a hydrogen-based fuel that is carbon-free, cost-competitive, produced at a customer’s site, and requires little to no modification to their existing equipment.

Download to learn more about eCombustible and the impact of this partnership, including the estimated reduction in CO2 emissions and how this project represents a milestone in the fulfillment of Anglo American’s goals to make its ferronickel operations the first in the world to be operated 100% with renewable resources and 100% with internally reused water.

Access the White Paper

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Last Updated: On September 09, 2022